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I see a lot of different posts on the Internet claiming to be the “Secret to success”, especially for new entrepreneurs. The truth is, there is no secret or shortcut to success. The path taken is the same for all successful people, whether in business or in other walks of life. I've broken this path up into three S's.

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Like other social media tools, Twitter gives you a global voice and enables customer connection(and to connect to their networks as well). You can create immediacy with Twitter as you can privately talk in 'real-time' with your followers and also make some of your discussions public by chatting in you newsfeed.

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Starting and living student life is exciting and to begin with, a bit scary! Wouldn't it be great if instead of finding out things the hard way and getting ripped off whilst getting your gear together, there was one place that helped you with just about everything you need, regardless of where you live, or who you are?

Well you're in that place.

It's all here. Everything you need.

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